Debunking the Myths

Those pushing to privatize alcohol sales in Pennsylvania claim it will raise a ton of money to help the state budget, increase selection and lower prices for consumers, and not make it easier for minors to buy liquor or have a negative impact on drunk driving.

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$2 Billion Price Tag?

Privatizers claims selling retail liquor licenses will raise up to $2 billion for the state budget, but other states have seen only a small fraction of this amount, and Pennsylvania taxpayers will lose revenue in the long run.
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Loss of Control

It's virtually impossible for minors or already intoxicated adults to buy alcohol in PA's wine and spirits stores, but that won't be the case with a part-time, minimum wage clerk at the local convenience store. Read more →

Impact on the Consumer

A Pennsylvania newspaper survey compared prices on 50 items in PA with private stores in five other states: prices were higher out of state on 26 items, higher in PA on 24. In addition, selection for many consumers is reduced in a private system. Read more →
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