Public Health Experts Support Gov. Tom Wolf’s Veto of Privatization Legislation

Gov. Tom Wolf made the right call in vetoing legislation to dismantle the PLCB and public health experts from around the state agree… CLICK HERE for more »

Privatizers claims selling retail liquor licenses will raise up to $2 billion for the state budget, but other states have seen only a small fraction of this amount, and Pennsylvania taxpayers will lose revenue in the long run.
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It’s virtually impossible for minors or already intoxicated adults to buy alcohol in PA’s wine and spirits stores, but that won’t be the case with a part-time, minimum wage clerk at the local convenience store. Read more →

A Pennsylvania newspaper survey compared prices on 50 items in PA with private stores in five other states: prices were higher out of state on 26 items, higher in PA on 24. In addition, selection for many consumers is reduced in a private system. Read more →