Increased Control Myth

Keeping Alcohol Out of the Hands of Pennsylvania’s Young People:  Wine and Spirits Store Employees Do It Right

Pennsylvania has the 7th lowest rate of youth drinking and binge drinking in the nation.

Pennsylvania’s wine and spirits store employees are well-trained and have no profit motive to sell alcohol to minors or visibly intoxicated people

State Police investigators have found just two instances in the past six years of wine and spirits shop employees selling alcohol to minors

Young People Drink Less, and Have Fewer Alcohol-Impaired Driving Deaths in States Which Keep Control of Alcohol Sales

14.5% fewer high school students reported drinking and 16.7% fewer reported binge drinking in the past 30 days in states which kept control of alcohol sales, versus those which licensed this to private businesses

Lower consumption rates are associated with a 9.3% lower alcohol-impaired driving death rate in states which kept control of alcohol sales

Pennsylvania has the 7th lowest rate of youth drinking and binge drinking in the nation

Tell your legislator to get the facts, and not believe the myth, on the real value provided by the employees of the Pennsylvania Wine and Spirit Stores.

Impact on alchohol-related mortality

British Columbia released a study on the rapid rise in private liquor outlets’ impact on alcohol-related deaths.


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