Posts from 2013:

UFCW Looks Forward to Working on Modernization
Jun 30
Modernization Makes Sense
Jun 25
UFCW on Ad Pushback
Jun 25
Commonwealth Foundation Sets New Bar for Hypocrisy
Jun 25
Dozens of Groups Line Up to Oppose Privatization Schemes
Jun 19
UFCW President Urges Senators to Reject New Liquor Plan
Jun 19
Liquor privatization backers haven't made their case
Jun 17
Take Part in Tonight's Debate on Privatization in Bryn Mawr!
Jun 6
Wendell Young testimony before the Senate Law and Justice Committee
Jun 4
Lancaster-based group opposes Corbett privatization plan
May 1
Tribune-Review report: Crime would spike without state control of liquor sales
May 1
Morning Call: Corbett privatization plan is dead
Apr 30
UFCW Urges Senate to Focus on Jobs, Public Safety
Mar 21
The Tribune-Review provides a balanced look at success of TableLeaf
Mar 12
Wendell Young testimony on PLCB Privatization
Mar 7
Corbett Administration Continue to Mislead on Liquor Stores
Mar 7
Gov. Corbett Cannot be Trusted on Privatization
Mar 5
PLCB leaders make case for modernization
Feb 25
Post-Gazette letter sums it up: don't trade jobs so newspapers can make more money selling ads
Feb 25
Young Urges Gov. Corbett and Lawmakers To Focus on Strengthening State Assets
Feb 18
Gov. Corbett's Numbers Tank As Support for Wine & Spirits Privatization Scheme Erodes
Feb 7
UFCW Rejects Gov. Corbett's Cynical Political Ploy & Urges Support for PLCB Modernization
Feb 5
Philadelphia Unemployment Project Calls for Legislature to Stop the Closing of State Liquor Stores
Feb 1
Pennsylvania Nurses Oppose Gov. Corbett's Privatization Push
Jan 30
PA Interfaith Network Denounces Gov. Corbett's Plans to Displace 5,000 PA Workers
Jan 30
Pennsylvanians Concerned about Alcohol Problems Opposes Privatization of PA Wine & Spirits Shops
Jan 30
Sens. Costa, Dinniman express dismay at liquor privatization plan
Jan 30
PSEA president responds to Governor Corbett's liquor privatization scheme
Jan 30