Fact #1: The PLCB continues to set records for both total sales and profits. The PLCB returned more than $565 million to taxpayers in the last fiscal year and, again, is on pace to set a record this fiscal year.

Pennlive publishes an op-ed by Wendell W. Young IV, who writes, "Lawmakers need to reject the cynical ploys to dismantle valuable public assets. It's time for real and fair solutions to our state's fiscal mess. It's time to put middle class families first and it is time for us all to agree that fact still matter."

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Albert Brooks
  January 4, 2017 5:37pm

Fact: The PLCB collects taxes and has a profit margin lower than industry average. Fact: 40% of PLCB jobs are part time or seasonal- almost like WalMArt. Fact: Your members may have welcomed these changes but you did not. Quotes can be found on this very website. Fact: It is about everything the PLCB doesn't provide. Convenience, Selection, Service and pricing.