In 2009, the Commonwealth Foundation said:

“The most critical reforms of the General Assembly include: Lobbyist Disclosure: Pennsylvanians should be able to know who, what, when, where, and how lobbyists are attempting to shape public policy in Harrisburg.  Lobbyist disclosure laws crafted by lobbyists should be rejected as unacceptable.  There are 49 states that have laws from which we can pick and choose the best practices.

Now, the go-to lobbyists for privateers refuse to disclose who is funding their stealth liquor campaign – one that will cost PA taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.

Is big liquor paying the bills? Is David Trone writing the checks so that he can come back into PA?

We believe that lawmakers will see through this hypocrisy and rely on facts. Proposals to dismantle a valuable public asset; put more than 5,000 Pennsylvanians out of work; and jeopardize more than $700 million in taxes, profit and other transfers makes no sense.

Tell the Commonwealth Foundation to man up and stop hiding behind the tax code. You can call The Foundation at 717.671-1901. 

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