We turned out in large numbers at hearings in Harrisburg and Hershey:

  • The overwhelming presence of PLCB members at hearings in July and August made a positive impression on legislators, the media and Pennsylvanians all around the state.  More and more of them understand the financial importance of the Wine and Spirit shops, their role in keeping alcohol from minors, and the devastation of losing 5,000 jobs.
  • Because of our testimony and the concerns we raised, the next two hearings have been postponed until further notice.  But when they are rescheduled we will need your support – more than ever!
  • Continue to do the great job you do by serving your customers, keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors, and generating record-high funds for the state of Pennsylvania and its taxpayers.

We need to continue the fight against those who want to eliminate our jobs:

  • News media reports indicate that privatization remains high on the agenda for House Majority Leader Mike Turzai (R-Pittsburgh.)  No one thinks that the privateers have given up.
  • Pennsylvania cannot afford Mike Turzai’s risky and irresponsible plan to destroy 5,000 family-sustaining jobs.

Ask your family, friends, and community leaders to tell their legislators that Mike Turzai’s plan will hurt you and those around you! Visit WeCantAffordItPA.org to see how easy it is to call or write your legislator.


  • The stores bring in more than $500 million every year in taxes and profit.
    • All taxes are collected 100 percent at the point of sale – no delinquency, no collection costs.  No other private retailers in the country have such a record.
    • A private system would require more tax dollars to be spent on collecting unpaid taxes.  We never would collect the full 100 percent.
  • HB 11 proposes 1,250 licenses.  The average value of licenses around the country is less than $250,000. That would mean around $300 million in one-time revenue for selling the stores – NOT the $2 billion or more that State Rep. Mike Turzai carelessly throws around.

Public Safety:

  • This year the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) Task Force on Community Preventive Services found that privatization leads to increased consumption and increased excessive consumption. That’s why the CDC has recommended against any further privatization of alcohol sales.
  • Turzai’s HB 11 calls for doubling the number of retail outlets in PA, which would be a disaster for communities all across the state:
    • Nuisance stores on many corners
    • More drinking by minors
    • More drunk driving
    • More social problems linked to alcohol abuse – including crime, domestic violence and child abuse.
  • PA has the nation’s seventh lowest rate of underage drinking and binge drinking.
    • UFCW members in PA’s Wine and Spirits stores conduct more than one million card checks every year.  Employees are trained to spot phony ID cards, and our record of doing so is unmatched anywhere in the nation.
  • Groups such as SADD, the PA DUI Association, the NAACP and other organizations concerned with excessive and underage alcohol consumption all oppose privatization.


  • The stores provide 5,000 people with family-sustaining jobs and decent benefits.  As our economy struggles to recover, why does Mike Turzai want to put 5,000 more people out of work?  His bill provides no meaningful protection for workers.  His “tuition credits” are meager and are for full time workers only!  Turzai’s bill would destroy current jobs and create low-wage, no-benefit jobs that do nothing to grow our state’s economy. 

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