Despite a recent all-out, statewide media blitz designed to bolster horrible poll numbers at the expense of 5,000 Pennsylvania working families, a new statewide poll shows that Pennsylvania’s Wine & Spirits shops are far more popular among voters than Gov. Corbett.

“It’s obvious, as Pennsylvanians learn more about privatization, the less they like it.  And the more voters get to know Tom Corbett, the less they like him,” said Wendell W. Young, IV, President of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1776.  “Gov. Corbett wants to put 5,000 Wine and Spirits employees out of work.  He wants to shut down 1,100 beer distributors and jeopardize the 11,000 jobs they provide so big box stores can cash in.  It makes no sense and, again, voters get it.”

According to the Franklin & Marshall poll, privatization of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board earned “moderate support” with only 53 percent of those surveyed rating it favorable. The poll shows that, “Governor Corbett’s job approval ratings are the lowest of his tenure with only one in four (26%) registered voters believing he is doing an “excellent” or “good” job,” according to F&M.

This poll reflects a steady loss of support for reckless privatization schemes that have been introduced in recent years. A review of surveys taken by Quinnipiac, Muhlenberg and F&M show a steep drop in support among voters.  In addition, a survey conducted by Nielsen Ratings shows strong PLCB customer satisfaction.

“Despite the governor’s spin and the blind support of every newspaper in the state, the Pennsylvanians who actually shop in the wine and spirits shops are overwhelming happy with the selection, convenience and prices they pay,” Young said.  “The numbers are in the 70 percent range.  Tom Corbett, on the other hand, can’t get to within shouting distance of 50 percent.”

Young said that the UFCW will continue working to modernize the PLCB to deliver greater convenience to customers and more revenue to taxpayers. These proposals include increased Sunday hours; direct shipment of wine to homes; greater flexibility in pricing and procurement practices and more stores.

“The PLCB provides 5,000 jobs and nearly $600 million a year in taxes and profits to the state treasury. To throw all that away and to kill 1,100 locally-owned businesses is just a bad idea,” Young said.  “It’s time to pass modernization legislation and get on to the serious challenges our state confronts – such as adequate funding for public schools and creating jobs.”     

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