Legislation to dismantle the PLCB will cost Pennsylvania consumers and every single taxpayer. And you don't have to take our word for it.

Asked Sunday whether privatization would lead to higher retail prices, Sen. Chuck McIlhinney, Chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee, said Sunday...

"Just like they did in the other states. In Washington State when they divested, they are seeing a couple of years later they have the highest prices for liquor in the country, and getting a lot of complaints about it."

And Sen. McIlhinney put to rest one of the privateer's favorite myths …

"The liquor system gives us money every year for our budget. Let's be frank, we make money selling liquor. So it is a positive revenue asset for us. The struggle is if you're going to maintain that revenue by divesting and having a new person come in and have them make profit on it it's going to have an impact on the liquor prices."

The PLCB last year returned more than $565 million in taxes, profits and other transfers to taxpayers. It's time to modernize this asset so that it can do even more for all Pennsylvanians.

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