It is Time to Put Family-Sustaining Jobs First

UFCW and working families across the state urge House members to stand with working Pennsylvanians and vote no on amendments to the state's liquor code that the privateers are pushing as "technical fixes" to Act 39. Consider:

  • These amendments will jeopardize 5,000 family-sustaining jobs at the PLCB, and jeopardize hundreds of millions in revenue.
  • There is absolutely no need for any legislative action to “fix” Act 39. Any changes can be made administratively and the privateers know it.
  • House members can support granting a special permit for the Democratic National Convention without sacrificing a single job or a single dollar in revenue.
  • The PLCB is a valuable, publicly-owned asset that last year generated more than $564 million in taxes, profit and other transfers to all taxpayers. It makes no sense to weaken this asset to benefit the big-box chains.

It is time to put Pennsylvania jobs and taxpayers first and reject a back-door attempt to outsource thousands of Pennsylvania jobs.

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Albert Brooks
  June 30, 2016 8:35pm

So you are saying that a part-time job, which is what 45% of the PLCB workforce has, is "family sustaining" while the rest of us have to work a full time job to do the same. And you wonder why people think the PLCB is over paid for what they do.
Albert Brooks
  June 30, 2016 8:38pm

Too funny, I gotta ask. where would PA liquor jobs be out-source too? You have to be in PA to do them.