Memo to Lawmakers: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Before lawmakers vote on a series of major changes to the liquor code, they need to understand what they just DO NOT KNOW.

Lawmakers do not know what the fiscal impact of these amendments is on the state budget.

The House estimated that Act 39, left alone, would generate up to $150 million in new revenue.  The Independent Fiscal Office estimated that Act 39 will bring in $106 million. And now, everyone in the building knows that that the amendments under consideration would reduce this amount to between $35 million to $60 million.

Lawmakers do not who, exactly, is going to benefit from the proposed change to the auction process for these expanded licenses.

It is among the worst kept secrets in the Capitol that this change is designed to benefit the big box stores.

Lawmakers do not really know what will happen if they approve the “revenue cleanup language.”

This amendment is one of several that is purposefully vague but any clarifications can be handled administratively and do not require legislative action.

Lawmakers should know one key fact:

There is absolutely no need for any legislative action whatsoever. These amendments are a further attack on the PLCB and will jeopardize up to 5,000 family-sustaining jobs and millions of dollars in state revenue.

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Albert Brooks
  June 30, 2016 8:21pm

Who is going to benefit? Easy - THE CITIZENS Quick Wendell, name a big box store that has an "R" license and a cafe? Can't do it, not yet at least because there aren't any. 45% of the PLCB workforce is part-time. Not exactly "family sustaining" The good news is that everyplace that fully privatized tripled the workforce in the industry. Care to try again?