As lawmakers continue to debate proposals to dismantle the LCB, they should consider what their constituents really want: modernization.

A majority of Pennsylvania voters now oppose privatization, according to the latest independent poll by F&M, which found 57 percent of the state's registered voters believe the state-owned liquor stores should continue as they are (31 percent) or be modernized (26 percent). Only 37 percent of Pennsylvania voters support privatization.

The LCB is a valuable publicly-owned asset that is on pace to return more than $700 million in taxes, profit and other transfers to the state treasury in this fiscal year. Looking ahead, the LCB will soon deliver more than $1 billion each year.

By enacting just a few common sense proposals that would allow the LCB to operate more efficiently; improve consumer convenience; and deliver an even greater return to every taxpayer. Modernization proposals include:

  • Flexible Pricing: would allow for market-based pricing.
  • Sunday Sales: Increase the number of Sunday stores and expand Sunday hours
  • Direct wine shipment: Consumers want the convenience of direct shipment of wine to their homes.
  • Changes in Personnel:  elimination of Civil Service for new hires, creating efficiencies, cost savings, better service, and increased profitability.
  • Changes in Procurement Code: would give the PLCB the sole discretion to purchase all goods and services.
  • Bailment Fees: Allows PLCB to follow private sector payment and storage practices to generate savings.
  • Lottery sales: Allow self-service lottery machines in PA Wine and Spirits stores. 

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