Proposals to outsource wine and beer sales to big-box grocery stores, delis, and convenience stores make no sense. The bill would ultimately cripple the PLCB; jeopardize thousands of family-owned beer distributors and the jobs they provide; and threaten the livelihoods of 3,500 Pennsylvanians working in the Wine and Spirit Shops.

Pennsylvania taxpayers lose:

  • Carving out wine would cause an immediate drain on state revenues and ultimately destroy the Wine and Spirit Shops.
  • Wine accounted for $848 million or 42% of total sales in the shops last year. The most popular brands – those most likely to be sold by the big-chains - represented $518 million of those total wine sales.
  • This privatization proposal will begin draining dollars from the state immediately, and by reducing foot traffic in the Wine and Spirit Shops weaken this asset.
  • West Virginia and Iowa went down this road. Revenue losses grew and grew; their systems were wiped out and taxpayers were left holding the bag.

Thousands of jobs will be lost:

  • Stores will suffer on day one due to lost revenues. Jobs will be eliminated immediately. Job losses will increase until the stores are completely gone, just as happened in West Virginia and Iowa.

Every community in PA loses:

  • Minors have easier access to alcohol on grocery and convenience store shelves, and alcohol thefts will increase. Since Washington privatized liquor sales, alcohol thefts have sky-rocketed.

The PLCB is a valuable state asset that last year generated more than $584 million in total taxes, profits and other transfers for taxpayers.

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Albert Brooks
  December 9, 2015 1:24pm

Didn't Iowa say they made more money after they privatized? Why yes they did, see the PFM report page 111. "Privatization was deemed successful from a revenue standpoint, with profits increasing by $125 million over the first 11 years of privatization compared to estimates under State control of the stores." Of course wine sales would increase because of far greater convenience which brings in more taxes too.