Don H. Wert, Executive Director of Pennsylvanians Concerned about Alcohol Problems (PCAP), issued the following statement today in wake of Gov. Corbett’s new effort to dismantle the PLCB and dramatically increase the number of retail beer, wine and liquor outlets in the  Commonwealth:

“Such a dramatic expansion of the retail sale of alcohol makes absolutely no sense. It is bad public policy for our Commonwealth and especially for younger Pennsylvanians. Alcohol can be a dangerous substance that harms families and our communities.  We are urging Pennsylvanians to stand together to oppose this risky proposal.”

Wert noted that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s Community Preventive Services Task Force issued a recommendation against the further privatization of the retail sale of alcohol,  based on strong evidence that privatization results in increased per capita alcohol consumption, a well-established proxy for excessive consumption.

“This is a task force of national public health experts that studied this issue and found that privatization is just bad public health policy,” Wert said. “Gov. Corbett needs to reverse course.”

PCAP, founded in 1906, provides alcohol education and counseling services and works closely with dozens of other organizations around the state.  

Don H. Wert , Executive Director
Pennsylvanians Concerned about Alcohol Problems
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

(717) 652-2517

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