The Philadelphia Unemployment Project (PUP) is urging lawmakers to reject Gov. Corbett’s  push to privatize yet another valuable state asset – the PLCB – and put 5,000 Pennsylvanians on the unemployment line.

PUP believes that good jobs are a critical need for Pennsylvania residents and the PLCB jobs provide family sustaining employment for thousands of working people in the state.

“Governor Corbett wants to be the jobs Governor and guarantee of job for every Pennsylvanian,” said John Dodds, PUP Director.  “However, laying off thousands of LCB workers goes in the wrong direction.  Seeing these people replaced with low wage- no benefit workers will harm our economy.”

Pennsylvania has yet to emerge from the Great Recession and the state unemployment rate has risen above the national average for the past several months after standing below the national average through most of the recession.  PA has 517,000 unemployed in December or 7.9% of the population.

“The governor’s plan to create as many as 20,000 to 30,000 retail outlets for beer, wine and spirits jeopardizes the public health and safety, especially in urban areas such as Philadelphia,” Dodds said. “We’ve seen so many times how a single nuisance bar can harm an entire neighborhood and now we’re facing the possibility of having beer, wine and liquor stores all over our urban areas.”

PUP is a membership organization of low-wage workers and the unemployed that provides services to laid of Pennsylvanians and organizes the poor and unemployed to work for economic justice.  

For more information contact John Dodds, 215-557-0822 ext. 102

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