The state can lower prices for alcoholic beverages while raising more revenue

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

By Tim Holden

Members of the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board had been looking forward to discussing our fair and reasonable approach to flexible pricing before the House Liquor Control Committee Thursday, but other legislative priorities apparently necessitated the cancellation of the hearing.

In lieu of that opportunity, we would like to correct the record regarding unfounded and inaccurate assumptions that revenue increases can come only from wine and spirits price increases for consumers — assumptions such as those advanced by David Ozgo of the Distilled Spirits Council in his Oct. 21 Post-Gazette op-ed piece (“Pennsylvania’s Liquor ‘Modernization’ Hoax”).

To be clear: It is not the PLCB’s intention to broadly increase retail prices.

CLICK HERE for the complete op-ed.

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Albert Brooks
  October 28, 2016 7:46pm

Yea, this guy will tell you how good it is when he doesn't even know Jack Daniel's is Tennessee Whiskey and not bourbon. Goes to the quality of those in charge. Please do click the link and see for yourself.
Albert Brooks
  September 16, 2017 9:35am

422 price increases all at once and no decreases. Really good idea there Tim on how to screw the public.