Gov. Tom Wolf made the right call in vetoing legislation to dismantle the PLCB and public health experts from around the state agree:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving … “supports Governor Wolf’s decision to veto this legislation as transferring current state alcohol control to private control is counter to MADD’s mission of eliminating drunk driving and preventing underage drinking.”

The Commonwealth Prevention Alliance (CPA) … “supports Governor Wolf’s veto of legislation that would privatize the state liquor system.  Part of CPA’s efforts focus on reducing alcohol abuse. As drug and alcohol prevention professionals, our main concern is the effect on public health and safety related to underage drinking, alcohol addiction, and alcohol-related crimes such as driving under the influence. 

The Drug and Alcohol Service Providers Organization of Pennsylvania … “thank[s] the Governor for vetoing HB466.  Here is why. Pennsylvania has the lowest alcohol-related morbidity in America. That's not an accident.”

The Pennsylvania Driving under the Influence (DUI) Association … “is commending Governor Wolf for his veto of the Privatization of the Commonwealth’s Liquor Stores. “Research has shown that privatization leads to increased availability of alcohol, increased availability leads to increased consumption, increased consumption leads to an increase in alcohol-related problems, such as increased assaults, alcohol-related automobile crashes and deaths.” 

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