Do The Math

The privatization math does not add up. It never does. The reckless GOP-backed privatization plan would be a financial disaster for taxpayers. Consider:

  • Public Financial Management (PFM), hired by Gov. Tom Corbett, found that privatization would cost taxpayers at least $1.4 billion in transition costs in the first five years alone.
  • PFM found that the state would have to come up with $408 million in new revenue annually to make privatization fiscally neutral. PFM also found that prices would increase in some areas of the state and that thousands of Pennsylvanians would land on unemployment.
  • The state would not realize a single penny in a windfall or in new revenues to help the state close the $1 billion plus budget deficit that lawmakers are now confronting.

In the last fiscal year, the PLCB generated record sales, profits and transfers to the state treasury in the last fiscal year, returning more than $584 million to taxpayers last year alone.

  • In the last five years, the agency has provided more the $2.51 billion to the Pennsylvania Treasury, $111 million to the Pennsylvania State Police, $9.8 million to drug and alcohol programs and $22.5 million to local communities.
  • The PLCB provides 5,000 family-sustaining jobs, generates a significant return for all taxpayers after every single expense is covered, and helps to protect the public safety in every community in PA.

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Albert Brooks
  November 19, 2015 9:04am

Wendell you have got to stop lying by omission. The PFM report said OPERATIONAL and Transition costs with the operational part being almost $1.2 Billion The current financial picture puts the PLCB in debt ~$240 million and there aren't 5000 family sustaining jobs at the PLCB when a third of the workforce is part time. You should know that.
Albert Brooks
  November 19, 2015 9:38pm

You need to go back and spin some more. "An analysis by the Appropriations Committee said the bill would produce about $431 million for the state treasury in the current fiscal year, and about $300 million in 2016-17." as reported by By Mark Scolforo , The Associated Press