From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The Post-Gazette’s readers deserve to know that virtually every dollar that our union collects and spends is a matter of public record (“What Does State Law Require for Lobbying Reports? Good Question,” Aug. 16).

We file numerous disclosure and tax forms both in Harrisburg and in Washington, D.C., and we welcome this transparency — and your coverage.
However, I was disappointed the paper gave every other stakeholder a free pass, beginning with the organization that is most troubled by our reporting — the Commonwealth Foundation.

The foundation has led the charge to dismantle the Liquor Control Board. Yet your staff has not looked at its tax returns or its lobby disclosure reports. (The foundation does not come close to matching my union on disclosing its finances and does not even disclose its donors.)

Similarly, the paper has not bothered to look at any of the other interests in this battle, including the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry, the National Federation of Independent Business, the Pennsylvania Manufacturers Association, the Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council, the grocery store chains, big box retailers and many others.

Has it ever occurred to any reporter or editor in your newsroom that one of the biggest beneficiaries of privatization would be … the PG? Newspapers would gain millions in new advertising revenue under privatization. Perhaps the paper should review the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association’s disclosure reports.

I have no problem with scrutiny. I just think the paper should hold all interests, even those that agree with your pro-privatization stance, to the same standard.

President United Food and Commercial Workers
Local 1776
Plymouth Meeting, Pa.

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