Wendell W. Young, IV, Chairman of the United Food and Commercial Workers of  PA Wine & Spirits Council and President of UFCW Local 1776, issued the following statement today:

"This has been a long and spirited debate and we’re obviously happy for the 3,500 UFCW members who work in the Wine and Spirits shops.  We look forward to continue working with members of both parties on ways that we can continue to improve the Wine and Spirits shops and the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) overall.”

Young noted that throughout the debate Republicans and Democrats expressed support for proposals to modernize the PLCB, many of which his members have long supported.

“There are common sense measures that the Commonwealth can implement to improve convenience for our customers and increase revenue for the state’s general fund, which makes sense for all taxpayers,” Young said. “I think it’s fair to say that lawmakers and Pennsylvanians learned an awful lot about this very valuable asset and, again, we all recognize that we can make it better and stronger.”

Young cited the PLCB’s performance this fiscal year, which ended last night at midnight.

“The results have been phenomenal.  This year alone, the LCB will have returned more than $700 million in profit, taxes and other transfers.  This revenue helps to fund vital programs and services,” Young said.  “It’s time that all parties work together to strengthen and modernize this unique and valuable public asset.”

Modernization proposals include expanded hours and locations on Sundays, direct shipment of wine to consumers’ homes, lottery sales in the stores and changes to personnel, procurement and pricing policies.

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