Wendell W. Young IV, President of the UFCW PA Wine and Spirits Council, today urged Gov. Tom Wolf to veto legislation that would put thousands of Pennsylvanians out of work; jeopardize $565 million in revenue for the state; and result in dramatic price increases for wine and spirits.

"The games have gone on long enough. It's time for Republicans to put Pennsylvania families first. It's time to help protect family-sustaining jobs and help improve an incredibly valuable asset," said Young. "Our members urge the governor to veto this bill and reject the cheap political theater."

Young noted that Sen. Chuck McIlhinney confirmed this week what the experts have known for some time now: that prices for both wine and spirits will increase as a result of this bill. McIlhinney confirmed that Pennsylvania will have the same experience that Washington State has had in recent years.

"In Washington State when they divested, they are seeing a couple of years later they have the highest prices for liquor in the country, and getting a lot of complaints about it," McIlhinney said on a Harrisburg area television show.'

Young noted that the experts have also made it clear that privatization would be a financial catastrophe for taxpayers. Public Financial Management, Inc. (PFM), found that privatizing the PLCB would result in at least $1.4 billion in transition costs over five years. PFM also found that lawmakers would have to come up with $408 million in new revenue annually to make privatization fiscally neutral.

"This firm was hired by Gov. Corbett to analyze what privatization would do. These are the experts and these are their numbers," Young said. "It is pure fantasy to suggest that this plan would actually generate new revenue for the state."

Young added, "Our members are urging Gov. Wolf to veto this bill. We are urging him to veto the reckless state budget bill and the punitive pension legislation that GOP majorities have sent to his desk. Pennsylvanians deserve better than this."

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