Wendell W. Young IV issued the following statement today in wake of the House action concerning the future of the PA Liquor Control Board (PLCB), a valuable asset that last year provided more than $584 million in taxes, profits and other transfers to taxpayers:

“It is time for Speaker Turzai to end his assault on 5,000 working families in this state. Pennsylvanians deserve much, much better than these political games.”

Young noted that the Speaker is leading the effort to protect the Marcellus Shale drillers from a fair, statewide excise tax while pushing a plan to dismantle the PLCB. Pennsylvania remains the only major natural gas producing state that does not impose a statewide tax.

“Mike Turzai is protecting multi-billion dollar companies from paying a tax that they pay everywhere else. He wants to give them a free ride and stick middle class, working families with the tab. It’s disgraceful and it really is time for his colleagues to hold the Speaker accountable,” said Young.

“Privatization would be a financial disaster for taxpayers. Privatization will actually cost Pennsylvania at least $408 million in the first year according to Public Financial Management (PFM) and the PFM found that privatization will cost more than $1.4 billion in transition costs over five years,” Young added. That report was commissioned by former Governor Tom Corbett.

Young said that common sense, bipartisan modernization proposals to increase Sunday hours and stores; allow the direct shipment of wine to consumer’s homes; greater flexibility in pricing; and locating more stores inside of grocery stores would generate at least $185 million in new profit in the first year alone.

“This entire exercise is all about Speaker Mike Turzai’s personal agenda and it has gone on long enough. The state is facing a $1 billion deficit and Speaker Turzai needs to focus on the people of Pennsylvania instead of well-placed corporate interests,” said Young. “Perhaps Mike Turzai should start acting a little more like Robin Hood instead of acting like King John.”

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Albert Brooks
  November 21, 2015 8:23am

OK Wendell since you won't stop lying about the Operational and transfer costs we'll let the people look it up for themselves. PFM report page 180. http://www.pabudget.com/Display/SiteFiles/154/Documents/Resources and Publications/Liquor Privatization/PLCB_Report_FINAL_10.20.11.pdf The truth is almost $1.2 Billion is just to keep the PLCB running, a cost that would more than double if there weren't any privatization.
Albert Brooks
  November 21, 2015 8:26am

If you really want people to believe the PFM report then they should believe this from page 111. "Privatization was deemed successful (in Iowa) from a revenue standpoint, with profits increasing by $125 million over the first 11 years of privatization compared to estimates under State control of the stores."