Starting June 1 in Washington State, private retailers will begin to sell liquor instead of the state.

WA prices hikes could be 15 to 35 percent!

Seattle Times, May 26, 2012: Consumers will pay more for many types of liquor beginning Friday, when private retailers can sell spirits in Washington for the first time since Prohibition ended. The price hike, which a wholesalers trade group says could be 15 to 35 percent, comes as a shock to retailers and restaurateurs. But wholesalers say they need to cover increased costs and new investments. Dick Montoya, owner of Señor Frog's restaurant and bar in Lake Chelan, is stocking up on liquor from his local state store to avoid the large price increase he is facing from a wholesaler. "Now that the government is out of the business, what have we created? Something worse," he said.

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With added state fees, liquor prices could jump

The Associated Press, May 29, 2012 NACHES, WA – You might want to stock up on tequila and rum if margaritas or mojitos are on your summer menu, because prices are likely going up at many retailers this week — and prices are just one of several big changes in store when Washington abandons its long-held place in the liquor business.

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Private sales causing 'pocket pain' in WA

KIRO-TV, Channel 7 in Seattle, WA: By the end the week, it will cost consumers about $10 more to buy a fifth of liquor at a privately run liquor store.

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"Different Approach needed" to Turzai Schemes

The Allentown Morning Call,May 28, 2012 - Business leaders are calling for a “different approach” to the various schemes that State Rep. Mike Turzai has proposed.

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Liquor Privatization Law Could Drive Prices Up

WASHINGTON STATE (Metro) -- It's still not clear what liquor privatization under Initiative 1183 will mean for consumer prices. John Guadnola, executive director of the Washington Beer and Wine Distributors Association tells its possible smaller restaurants and retailers in rural areas could get socked with higher prices. Under the state-run system, a bottle of liquor was the same price for everyone, regardless of location. But now, some customers could be charged more if it takes longer to deliver the product.

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